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Sharp Minds Behavioral Services is a BCBA owned company striving to ensure the highest standard of care for Applied Behavior Analysis. We take great pride in providing our community with high-quality, client first care and education. Contact us to find out more about our services.


as behavior analysts we drive our career on the principles of benefitting others; treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect; behaving with integrity; and ensuring competence.


applied behavior analysis is driven off love for supporting others, respect of

differences, and pure enjoyment of helping enrich other’s lives.


all treatment will be individualized, focused foremost on client and family benefit, and monitored and adjusted to ensure effectiveness.


all services are evidence-based with the intent of progress, success, and personal enrichment.


Sharp Minds primary vision is to form a small practice focused on the integrity and quality of our work for the sole benefit of our clients. As a small practice we can ensure that our client caseloads remain small and all 1:1 treatment can be prioritized above all else.

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